How To Fix Alexa Orange Light Issue

Alexa Orange light issue is one of the most common issues which Alexa users usually face. Orange ring light indication on your Alexa device simply means that your Alexa device is trying to connect with your wireless internet network. You can fix this issue by resetting your Alexa device and its related components. Now, We are going to mention to you how to fix the Alexa orange light issue. Look at these simple steps mentioned below.

Fix Alexa Orange light issue

  • Fix Alexa Orange LightPress the Volume down and microphone off button to on your Alexa Echo device together and hold them for at least 20 seconds. In that meantime, you will see the ring light of your Alexa device turning orange in color. That is how you can fix the Alexa Orange light issue from your Alexa device.
  • You can also reset your Alexa device by searching for its reset button and pressing and holding it with a small needle for a few seconds. When you do that orange light of your Alexa device will change from orange to blue in color and then it will turn off. After a couple of seconds, the ring light indication of your Alexa device will turn on again. Hence the Alexa orange light issue is solved.
  • You can also take the adaptor of your Echo device out from the wall socket and put it back in after 15-20 seconds. This troubleshooting technique will also work in fixing Alexa orange light issue from your Alexa device.

If you see the orange ring light indication while Setting up your Alexa device. Then, it’s not an issue. When you try to Setup your Echo device for the first time. Then it will be compulsory for you to connect it with your wireless network. But, if you see an orange light indication on your Alexa device even after setting up your Echo device and it’s happening more frequently.

Then, it’s an issue. The orange ring light indication issue is related to your internet router and network connectivity. Because, when your Alexa device does not receive a sufficient amount of internet signals. Then, its ring light starts to indicate orange color to you. At that point in time, it tries to re-establish it’s a connection with your wireless internet network or router again. In that duration, you cannot give it any command. Because your Alexa Echo device will not be able to answer your queries when it’s struggling to establish its connection with the internet.

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Methods to Troubleshoot fix Alexa orange light issue

  1. First, Turn off your Alexa device and internet router. Turn on both the devices after 10 seconds and try to connect them again with each other. Your Alexa Device will work efficiently after performing this troubleshooting tech and will not face the orange ring light indication issue.
  2. Secondly, you can remove all temporary caches, cookies files, unwanted devices and unwanted users from your internet router and modem device. When you do that. This troubleshooting technique of removing networking congestion improves the performance of your internet router and it will be able to provide good internet connectivity to your Alexa device.
  3. Third, you change the location of your internet router device and your Alexa device both. Place both of the devices in the most central place of your house. For example, you need to place your Alexa and router device at least 8 inches away from your wall as a wall made of bricks blocks the signals and decrease their signal’s strength. You have to place both of these devices away from all kinds of solid objects, metal objects, wooden objects, etc. So that router would receive a good amount of internet signals from ISP and transmit them to your Alexa device.
  4. Fourth, Always place your Alexa device and your router device in each other’s range. When you will locate both of these devices in each other’s range. Then, then your internet router will be able to provide better internet signal strength and connectivity to your Alexa Echo device.
  5. Fifth, You can restore your Alexa Eco device to the defaults. You can do that by going to the settings section of your Alexa app and selecting your device name and click on the restore to the Factory Defaults option, But don’t forget to keep smart home device options into the Alexa app.
  6. If you are not able to understand what to do in that situation. Then, you can contact any IT guy or technically sound person to fix that problem.

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Solutions To Fix Alexa Orange Light Issue on Your Echo Device?

If you want to fix your Alexa device’s orange ring light issue. Then, don’t worry there are many kinds of troubleshooting techniques and solutions available for you to do that.  We have specified the techniques about how to fix Alexa orange light issues. You can adopt these troubleshooting practices to fix Alexa orange light issues in your Alexa device. Look at all the techniques below and follow them.

Fix Alexa Orange LightAlexa Orange light solutions

  • When you change the password of your internet router. Then, your device does not get connected with it. In that case, all you have to go to the wifi settings of your smartphone and check if your Alexa device is connected with your wireless network or not. If it’s not connected. Then, forget the password of that wireless network first. After that, click on the name of your wireless network and connect with it by entering its password.
  • Change the router’s network bandwidth for your Alexa device. Because if your router is providing the internet connectivity in the lower bandwidths or it has many other devices connected with it too. Then, it will not be able to send your Alexa device a sufficient amount of internet signals. So, you will have to remove the unused devices from your router and change the bandwidth of your router.
  • Place your Echo device in the range limit of your wireless router and modem. When you do that. Then, your Echo device will receive good wireless internet connectivity. Thus, you will not face Alexa orange light issue.
  • Go to the Settings menu in your Alexa app. You have to retain the “smart home device” option and hit the restore to the factory defaults options.
  • Uninstall the Alexa app from your smartphone and install it again from the app store. You can Adopt this technique to fix Alexa orange light issue.

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Alexa Ring Light Indications

Alexa device has a lot of ring light indicators in it. It has a circular ring upon it. This ring indicates several kinds of colors such as green, Red, Orange, Purple, white, cyan, etc. These ring light indications of an Alexa device tells you about the state of your Alexa device with different colors and light circulation patterns. Amazon Echo device has five LED lights on its top. We call these lights as ring light indicators. When you start up your Echo device for the first time. It starts to indicate a solid blue light first and orange light after that.

Orange ring light indicates that your Alexa device is ready to proceed with the Setup procedure. When it starts to indicate orange color. It says ” Hello, your Echo device is ready for Setup, please follow the instructions on your Alexa app“.  When you follow all instructions this orange ring light indication changes from orange to blue in color after saying it’s connected. Below we are going to tell you about these variations and indications so that you could understand them.

List of Alexa ring lights indications

  • Fix Alexa Orange lightAlexa devices show you the solid blue ring light indication when you turn the power on.
  • It shows you no ring lights when you turn it off.
  • An orange spinning light indicates that your Alexa device is running in the setup mode.
  • When you see white light Blinking Then it <span “>means that your camera is on.
  • If it’s Blinking Red light. Then, it means that the camera and microphone have been turned off
  • if any error occurs during the WiFi setup the ring light will start to light up in multiple colors.
  • If you see a flash of purple Light after you interact with your Alexa device means that Do Not Disturb feature is still enabled on your Echo device.
  • Pulsing RED light: This ring light indication indicates that your Alexa could not complete or process your given command.
  • Blue Ring light Indication: This indicates that your Alexa speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Pulsing Amber lights: it indicates that the speaker is in setup mode waiting to pair with a network via the Alexa app.
  • Cyan Ring Light Indication: It indicates that your Alexa is processing your request.

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