How to Setup Echo Show 5?

Echo Show 5 is the most amazing and easy to Setup Echo device. If you have just bought a brand new echo show 5, then, you will need to go through a simple sequence of steps to complete its setup. Before starting the echo show setup, you will need to connect your Echo show with the power source and turn it on. Once, it’s turned on, then, you will need to get the Alexa app and active wifi internet ready for it.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Setup

  1. Echo Show SetupPower on your Echo show via a power source.
  2. Choose your preferred language, once it’s turned on.
  3. Select your home Wi-Fi from the list of all available networks and connect with your wi-fi using its password.
  4. Sign in to your Amazon account using your Echo show account’s login details.
  5. Choose the time zone of your area/country, read terms and conditions, and press the ” Continue” button.
  6. Give confirmation regarding the address, location, name, and wallpaper of your echo show.
  7. Install all the latest updates on your Amazon Echo show 5 to make it up to date with the newest features and updates.
  8. Hence, your Echo setup is complete after the streaming of a short introduction and instructions video.

Note: Always get your own Amazon Account registered with your Echo show while buying it. If you do that then, you won’t have to connect it with the Alexa app or your wi-fi internet. Your echo show will connect with it the Alexa app and wi-fi itself as your Amazon account has the password of your wi-fi network. Hence, This saves you a lot of time while carrying out an Echo show setup. If your echo show is not registered with your Amazon account or someone has gifted it to you. Then you will need to connect it with your wi-fi network and Amazon account manually. This way of Setting up an Echo show costs a lot of time.

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Amazon Echo Show and its features?

We all know that our beloved Echo show covers a broad spectrum of Application areas. Echo Show 5 has the capability to automate the tasks of its users. Users can perform a broad range of tasks after setting up an Echo show 5 at their place. As we have mentioned above about all the steps required to Setup the echo show. Here is the list of the things you can do with the help of your Echo show.

  • Add “Amazon prime music” skill into the Alexa app to stream music on your Echo show.
  • Add the skills like Youtube, Netflix, on your Alexa app to watch your favorite videos on the echo show device.
  • You can call your friends and loved ones on their Echo devices from your Alexa show. It allows you to make video calls, voice calls. You can also send the text messages to your friends via your Echo show.
  • An echo show can control almost all smart devices and manage their functions. It directs connected smart devices to do a certain task.
  • You can book uber cabs, order food, get the answers to your queries, and many more with the help of your Echo show device.

The echo show 5 has an advantage over all other Alexa devices. Because it has a screen over it. This screen helps users a lot while setting it up and using their Echo show. Users can accomplish thousands of tasks with the help of their Alexa show. Amazon has provided its users with thousands of Alexa skills. Users can simply add Alexa skills by going to the skills store of their Alexa app. But for doing that. They will need to download the Alexa app on their smartphone.

How to Solve The Alexa show 5 Privacy Concerns?

Echo Show 5 Setup

Sometimes people are not comfortable. When they come to know that their Echo show records their audio or the things they speak. If it seems like a privacy concern to them. Then, they should know that the Echo show 5 provides them a quick and easy solution to this. Users can press down the button and keep that Microphone/camera button pressed for a few seconds. Until their echo show displays them a red LED light indication. That is how they can stop their Echo show 5 from recording voices.

As you might have known, Amazon workers Analyze your voice recordings by themselves. If you don’t want your voice recordings to reach to them. Then, in that case. You can solve this issue by going to the settings menu of your Alexa Echo show device after completing the Echo Show Setup. Then go to the Alexa Privacy > Manage Your Alexa Data, and there you can remove your voice recordings from the Privacy settings of your Echo show 5. You can also make many other changes to the settings related to your privacy and security.

How Do I Reset Wifi on Alexa?

When you want to factory reset your Echo show 5 or reset its factory settings to the defaults. Then, you can do the following things.

  • Just swipe down on your Echo show 5 screen and tap upon the ” Settings” option.
  • Tap upon the Device options under the list of settings available.
  • Now scroll down a bit, you will see the ” Reset to the factory defaults” option in that list. Tap on it.
  • On the next screen, Press down the ” Reset” button.
  • Now, your Echo show 5 will power off and will start all over again.
  • At that point, you have to start the ” Alexa show setup” process again.

How to put echo show into setup mode

  1. Connect your Echo show with power by plugging its adaptor into the power socket and connecting its second end to your echo show.
  2. Follow the prompts your Echo show displays you to complete the echo show setup.

How To Get started and use your echo show

  • Keep the camera and mic button of your echo show pressed for turning it off and on.
  • You can say its wake word or ” Alexa” to alert it for listening to your voice instructions.
  • You can modify the settings of your echo show by just swiping down the echo show screen and accessing its settings.
  • Download Alexa App for your echo show on your mobile phone to add various kinds of skills and smart devices into it and connect them with your Alexa App.

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