What is Echo Setup?

After buying a brand new echo device. An Echo setup is a must to start the proceedings. Then, they can enjoy the features and functions of the Echo. The echo setup is a sequential procedure in which users have to set up their Echo gadget by following some standard steps and commands. For Example, downloading Alexa Application, Signing, or login into the Alexa App, Adding a new Echo device in Alexa Account, Connecting Echo to your smartphone/computer, Connecting Echo to the wireless network, obeying instructions, etc.

Echo SetupAmazon Echo is a smart speaker that be used after connecting it with the Alexa App installed on iPhone, Android Phones, Tablets, Amazon Kindle, Mac, Chrome Book or Computers, etc. Users can connect their Echo smart device with Bluetooth and other smart gadgets they have at their place. They can also use Amazon Echo as an external Bluetooth speaker. The Echo setup is mandatory for you to Setup your Echo device. Only after that, Echo will listen to your voice commands and will start to automate the functions and tasks given by you.

How To Setup Echo From Phone

For setting up an Echo from Smart Phone and Tablets, users need to install a specific Alexa App on their phone. Below are the steps for the Echo setup of the Echo App via Playstore:-

  • Open the Playstore on your Smart Phone.
  • Sign in with the Gmail account, if you don’t have it then create a one.
  • Now, the homepage of the Playstore will be visible on the screen of your Smart Phone. you will find out the lookup Bar on the top of the page. Type ‘Amazon Alexa’ in it and press ‘Ok’.
  • There will be an Alexa App having a logo of White Circle with a background of Sky Blue color. On the right side of the Alexa Echo App, you will find a button of ‘Install’. Tap on the ‘Install’
  • Open the App on your Smart and tap one the plus + sign, Add your Echo device there and follow the next steps to connect your Echo for fulfilling the Echo setup.

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How To Setup Your Echo from Computer

Alexa Echo can also be connected with the computer and following are the steps to do that:-

  • Connect your Computer to a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Open a web browser, you will find a search bar on the top of the browser. Type alexa.amazon.com and press enter key or click on ‘Ok’.
  • A web page of Amazon Alexa will open on your computer. Sign in to your Alexa account. If you don’t have the account then you can create a new account for yourself. ‘Create a new account’ will be visible on the bottom of that page.
  • When you Sign-in into your Alexa account, a button will show up ‘begin set-up’, click on that.
  • There will be a list of Echo devices. Choose down your Alexa Echo device.
  • Select the language of your Echo device to fulfill the Echo setup.
  • Then press on the ‘Continue’ button on the next page. A Wi-Fi search will start to find your Echo device.
  • Plug-in your Alexa Echo device to a power source. There will be a rotating blue light on the ring. Wait for a minute. When the blue light will change into the orange light.
  • Now, press the Action Button having a symbol of the dot (.) for six seconds. Your Echo will let you know that it’s in the installation mode. Do exactly the same what Alexa App instructs you to do”.
  • Go back to your Computer and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Now, go to the Wi-Fi settings and check for the name of your Echo device listed in the Wi-Fi device list. Connect the Echo to your Computer for completing the Echo setup.
  • Now it will show you “You are connected, Now go back to the Alexa App” will be the sound coming from the Echo device. Go back to the Computer and press ‘Continue’ for scanning the Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose down and select down the Wireless network to whom you are going to link your Echo device.
  • ‘Preparing your device’ will show on the top of the screen and a bar will start to load.
  • When it’s finished, Your Echo will say“This device is ready” and the orange ring light rotation will disappear.
  • Now, the Echo setup is over. Ask anything to your Echo and enjoy the world of Alexa Echo.

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Alexa Echo Auto Setup

Users can connect Alexa Echo Auto to the car after installing Alexa app on their SmartPhone. Users can play the songs through the car’s speakers via auxiliary input or the Bluetooth of Smart Phone.  Alexa Echo Auto has a total of 8 microphones on top of it. You can see the Action and Microphone Off button on it. It has one Micro USB power port and an audio port on the right side of an Alexa Echo Auto. It can hear the users even while playing the music, or through the road noise. The user’s car needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 or a higher version of it. Following are the steps for performing the Echo Auto setup:-

  • Alexa Auto setupFirst of all, place the Echo Auto on the dashboard near the vent mount where you can see its light bar easily.
  • Insert the power adapter in the cigarette lighter port of your car. You can also use the inbuilt USB port of your car (if it is available). We advise you to Connect the Alexa Echo Auto to the port via micro USB cable.
  • Therefore, Turn on your car and enable Bluetooth on your Smart Phone and set your car’s stereo in Bluetooth or aux. If your car speaker doesn’t support Bluetooth music streaming for Alexa Echo Auto setup. Then you can use it using an auxiliary cable to connect Echo Auto to the speaker.
  • When you turn on the car, a blue light will appear on the light bar. After a few seconds. Echo Auto will say “Hello, let’s get rolling. You can safely do so. Go to your Alexa app and add a new device”. Now, the blue light will go off and an orange light will start to sweep down on the light bar.
  • Go to the Alexa app, if you don’t have that then download it. Tap on the device icon on the right-bottom of the mobile screen. Then tap on the plus + option. Tap on ‘Add Device’, then select the device ‘Amazon Echo’ and then ‘Echo Auto’.
  • A Wi-Fi search will start over and the name of the Echo Auto will appear on the Wi-Fi device list on your mobile screen. Select that.
  • Just like that, you can complete the Alexa Echo Auto setup.

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Note:- Some permissions including access to your location and microphone are required to complete the Alexa Echo Auto setup depending on your Smart Phone and car types.

  • Now the name of your Smart Phone will appear on the speaker of your car. Select that and your phone will be paired with Echo Auto.
  • Hence, ‘Your device is ready’ sound will come out from the Echo Auto after the completion of the Alexa Echo auto setup.

The set-up is over and you can use the Echo Auto in your car. If you are facing issues in connecting the Echo Auto with your Smart Phone. Then try the following steps:-

  • Unplug the micro USB cable from Alexa Echo Auto for 45 seconds and then plug back in.
  • Check for a sweeping orange light on the light bar. If it’s not there, then press the action button having the symbol of a dot (.) for 8 seconds to put the device in the set-up mode.
  • In the Alexa app, go through the Echo Auto setup steps again. You can leave your Echo Auto plugged-in even if you are not driving.

Echo Input Setup

Echo Input refers to the recently launched portable Echo device that possesses a 4800mAh rechargeable battery that gives approximately 10 or more hours of continuous music playback time to its users. It also has an in-built speaker in it. Therefore, You can see a number of four microphones, a microphone off button, an action button, and an LED on the top side of the Echo Input. You can see the power on/off, volume rocker, and battery indicator LEDs on the front side of it. A micro USB port is available on the rear side of the Echo Input. It is bigger than the Echo Dot device. To get your Echo input working, you need to perform an Echo input setup first.

If you want to use the Echo Input, you can turn it on by pressing the power on button on its front side and you can also plug it in the power source for recharging its battery. You can easily use it while its battery is recharging. You can start the echo input setup via your Smart Phone, Computer or Tablet, etc. The procedure of setting up an Echo input on Smart Phone and Tablet is the same. Following are the steps for setting up an Echo Input via Computer:-

  • Echo Input setupTurn on the Echo Input and wait for the orange light after the blue light appears on the LED light at the top.
  • Connect your Computer to a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the alexa.amazon.com in the web browser.
  • A web page of Amazon Alexa will open up on your computer. Sign in to your Alexa account. If you have never created an Amazon Account before. Then, you will be required to develop and create a brand new one for you.
  • When you Sign-in into your Alexa account, a button will appear saying ‘ To Start Echo Input Setup’, click on that.
  • There will be a dropdown list of Alexa’s Echo devices. Select your device.
  • Select the language of your Alexa Echo.
  • Then press down the ‘Continue’ button on the next page. A Wi-Fi search will begin to find your Echo in the list of wireless networks available in your area.
  • Hence, Go to the Wi-Fi settings and choose down the name of your Alexa Echo listed in the active Wi-Fi networks list. Interface or link the Alexa Echo to your Computer either it’s a PC or laptop.
  • “You are connected, Now go back to the Alexa App” a sound will surround your Echo. Go back to the Computer and press ‘Continue’ for scanning Wi-Fi networks.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network with which you want to connect your Alexa Echo.
  • ‘Preparing your device’ will appear at the top of the screen and a bar will start to load.
  • When it’s finished, Amazon Echo will say “This device is ready” and the rotating orange light will disappear on the LED.

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Echo has developed a special app that helps users in setting up all Amazon Echo devices. Henceforth, That special app is Alexa App. It’s available for you to download on the app stores of your cellphones. Henceforth, You can download it and can connect your Echo with your phone. Now, the following are the steps to connect your Echo Input to the internet network via your  Smart Phone devices and Tablets and completing the Echo input setup.

  • Connect the Echo Input to the source of electricity via its own AC adapter. An orange light will be appearing on LED after blue light.
  • Go to the App Store now and look for the Alexa app. Download it and sign in with your Alexa Account. If you don’t have that then go to www.alexa.amazon.com and create your account.
  • Therefore, Add your device. It may ask you for Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  • A Wi-Fi search will start, connect the Echo Input to the Wi-Fi which will provide the internet to it.
  • When the Echo Input is connected to the Wi-Fi, a tone will come up, and rotating orange light will go off and blue light will start to emit for 1 second On the LED.
  • Select the speaker; there will be an option of a built-in or external speaker.
  • Now, The Echo input setup is over. Ask anything to your Echo and enjoy it.

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The Process of Setting-up Echo Sub?

If you already use an Echo smart speaker device like Echo Dot, Plus, and many more. You may be wondering how can I get more sound out of it. The artificial intelligence technology in this device is among the best in the market. But in special cases where people who really love the music, they feel that the speaker’s music quality is lacking when compared to bigger & most powerful speakers. The echo device has a solution for it and that solution is Amazon Echo Sub setup. You will be strictly required to set up your Echo sub after completing the Echo sub setup. So that you could use it.

Echo Sub is one of the most powerful and dedicated subwoofers for the Echo line of devices. You can connect it to your Echo device to deliver better bass and dynamic audio quality. When it is connected to another Echo device after the Echo Sub setup, you can feel the music as it fills the room. It is made to deliver down-firing 100W deep bass sound through a 6-inch woofer. The echo sub is 8 inches tall speaker and has an 8.3-inch diameter area. It has a weight of 4.2Kg. It has a power port and a set-up button on its rear side.

When you start to Setup an Echo sub than it might seem tough to you but in reality, it’s not. Following are the steps:-

  • Alexa Echo Sub setupPlug-in the Echo Sub to the power supply to start the Echo sub setup.
  • Rush down towards the Alexa app installed on your Smart Phone. Tap on the navigation pane situated on the left top corner, then the ‘Settings’ option will appear. Then you will reach ‘Device Settings”. A screen will appear with all existing Echo devices.
  • Tap on the plus + choice on the top left corner. Then tap on ‘Add Device’.
  • Then tap on Alexa Echo. Select Echo Sub for proceeding further in the Echo sub setup.
  • Then a list of a speaker that is available will be visible on your mobile screen, select your Echo Sub.
  • Now, you need to connect it with your Wi-Fi network. Your Echo Sub is connected to the Wi-Fi and the flashing of orange light on the rear side of the Echo Sub will disappear.

You need to have at least one another Echo device in order to have full audio volume. Just add the other Echo device through the Alexa app and connect it with the same Wi-Fi network. Now, below are the steps for syncing the Echo device with Echo Sub:-

  • Go to the ‘Settings’, then ‘Device Settings’.
  • Then tap on the top left plus “+
  • A pop-up screen will come with one option of ‘Add Stereo Pair/Subwoofer’ at the bottom. Tap on that option to create a speaker set.
  • Then, just select the available speaker which you want to put in the speaker set. Then tap on ‘Next’.
  • ‘Creating your speakers’ will be appearing on the screen. It will take one or two minutes to create.
  • After that a pop up ‘ Echo Sub pair was created’ will be appearing on the mobile screen.
  • The set-up is over and these two devices will work in conjunction with each other. Before you play music, you have to add music streaming service in the ‘Alexa Preferences’.

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