How to Setup Echo sub & Echo input?

An Echo setup is the most important thing when it comes to getting your Amazon Echo working. An Echo setup consists of a few steps, For Example, downloading Alexa Application, logging to the Alexa App, Adding a new Echo device in the Alexa Account, Connecting Echo to your smartphone/computer, Connecting Echo to the wireless network, obeying all instructions on Alexa app, etc.

Echo Setup

The echo setup is mandatory before using an Amazon Echo device. After that, Your echo will listen to your voice commands and it will execute the functions and tasks you give it. Amazon Echo will also allow you to connect your echo smart devices with the Bluetooth and other smart gadgets.

How to Setup an Echo from phone

  • Open the Playstore on your Smart Phone.
  • You will see a lookup Bar on the top of that page. Type ‘Amazon Alexa’ on it and press ‘Ok’.
  • You will see an Alexa logo on the right side of the Echo App with an “Install” button.
  • Tap on that “Install” button.
  • Open the Alexa App on your Smartphone and tap on the plus + sign, Add your Amazon Echo there and follow the next steps to connect your Echo to the internet and complete the Echo setup.

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How to Setup an Echo from Computer

  • Connect your Computer to a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Open a web browser, you will find a search bar on the top of your browser.
  • Type and press the enter key or click on the ‘Ok’ button.
  • An Amazon Alexa webpage will open up on your computer.
  • Sign into it with your Alexa account or Create a new account if you don’t have any
  • When you Sign-in to the Alexa account, Click on the “Begin set-up” button.
  • Choose down your Echo device model from that list.
  • Select the preferred language for your Echo to complete the Echo setup.
  • On the next page, press the “Continue” button. It will start a Wi-Fi search on your Echo.
  • Plug-in your Amazon Echo to the power source. A rotating blue light on the echo ring.
  • Wait for a minute. till the blue light change into the orange light.
  • Now, press the Action Button having a dot symbol (.) for six seconds. Your Echo will let you know that it’s in the installation mode. Do the same what Alexa App instructs you to do”.
  • Go back to your Computer and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Now, go to the Wi-Fi settings and check the name of your Amazon Echo listed in the Wi-Fi device list, and Connect the Echo to your Computer.
  • Now it will show you that “You are connected, Now, go back to the Alexa App on your Computer and press the “Continue” button for scanning the Wi-Fi networks.
  • Choose down and select down the Wireless network to whom you want to link your Echo device.
  • When it’s finished, Your Echo will say“This device is ready” and the orange ring light rotation will disappear.

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How To Setup Echo Auto?

  • Alexa Auto setupGo to the Alexa app and tap on the “Add a new device”.
  • Now, the blue light will go off and an orange light will start to sweep down on the light bar.
  • Tap on the device icon at the right-bottom of the Alexa app screen.
  • Tap on the plus + option followed by clicking on the “Add Device” option.
  • Select the device “Amazon Echo” followed by clicking on the “Echo Auto” option.
  • A Wi-Fi search will start and the name of the Echo Auto will appear in the Wi-Fi networks list on your Alexa app.
  • Now the name of your phone will appear on the speaker of your car. Tap on your’s phone’s name and it will be paired with your Amazon Echo Auto to finish the echo auto setup.

Note:- Some permissions including access to your location and microphone are required to complete the Alexa Auto setup depending on your Smartphone and car.

The set-up is over and you can now use the Echo Auto in your car. However, If you are facing issues in connecting the Echo Auto with your Smart Phone. Then try the following steps:-

  • Unplug the micro USB cable from Alexa Auto for 45 seconds and then plug back in.
  • Check for a sweeping orange light on the light bar. If it’s not there, then press the action button having the symbol of a dot (.) for 8 seconds to put the device into the Setup mode.
  • In the Alexa app, Repeat the Echo Auto setup and leave your Echo Auto plugged-in even if you are not driving.

We suggest you to Place your Echo Auto on the dashboard near the vent mount of your car to see its light bar easily. You can Insert the power adapter in the cigarette lighter port of your car & use the inbuilt USB port of your car. We advise you to Connect your Echo Auto to the port via micro USB cable and enable the Bluetooth on your Smartphone and set your car’s stereo in Bluetooth or aux while turning on your Echo auto. If your car speaker doesn’t support Bluetooth music streaming. Then, you can use it by using an auxiliary cable to connect Echo Auto to the speaker.

When you start your car, a blue light appears on the light bar of your Amazon Echo auto. After a few seconds, your Echo Auto will say “Hello, let’s get rolling. Now, you can play the songs through the car’s speakers via an auxiliary input or the Bluetooth of your phone. It can hear the users even while playing music and in road noise. The user’s car needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 or a higher version to connect with echo auto via Bluetooth. When you are all done with the Alexa auto Setup, Then, you can give instruct your Echo auto to do the things you want. For example, Navigating the places, playing songs and music, calling someone, etc.