Echo Show Setup

Echo Show is one of the most amazing and easy to Setup Echo device. You just have to Plugin the Power Adapter of your Echo show to the power outlet & turn it on to start the Echo show setup. Always check the speed & efficiency of your wifi network before going to the Alexa show setup mode.

How To Setup Amazon Echo Show

  1. Echo Show SetupTurn on your Echo show by plugging in its Adaptor to the power outlet.
  2. Now, an “Echo” logo will appear on your Amazon Echo show screen.
  3. After a few seconds, you will see the ” Getting your device online” blue screen on your Alexa show.
  4. Tap & select any one language of your choice from the “Select device language” screen options.
  5. Select your Wi-Fi network and connect your Echo show to wifi internet using its accurate wi-fi password.
  6. Sign in to your Amazon account and verify your sign in through the verification code, (if you have two-factor authentification enabled on your Amazon account).
  7. Now, press the “Continue” button & you will get the “Welcome” screen on your Amazon Echo Show.
  8. Tap on the ” Continue” option and confirm the time zone of your country.
  9. Now, Select your Address to get the accurate weather and traffic information about your area from the “Where is your Echo show” screen.
  10. Select the Room where you have located your Echo show device.
  11. Specify the name of your choice to your Amazon Echo Show.
  12. Press the ” Continue” button & Choose a wallpaper of your choice for your Amazon Alexa Show.
  13. Tap on the ” Continue” button & your Echo show will show you the ” Almost done” screen.
  14. Now, you will get the Echo Show home screen having wallpaper with the current time.
  15. Now, Just say the wake word to test & activate your Alexa Echo show to complete the Echo show setup.
  16. Hence, you are done with the Echo setup.

It is very important to register your Amazon Account with the Echo show. After doing that you won’t have to connect it with the Alexa app or wi-fi internet. Your Alexa show will connect with the Alexa app and wi-fi itself as your Amazon account has the password of your wi-fi network.

Hence, This saves you a lot of time while setting up an Echo show. If you don’t register your Amazon Account with the Echo show. Then, you will need to manually connect your Echo show with Amazon account & wifi internet. This method of Echo show Setup takes a lot of time.

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Amazon Alexa Show Features

We all know that our beloved Amazon show covers a broad spectrum of Application areas. It has the capability to automate the tasks of its users.

  • Add “Amazon prime music” skill into the Echo show app to stream online music on your Amazon show.
  • Add the skills like Youtube, Netflix, to your Alexa app to watch your favorite videos on the Alexa show device.
  • You can call your friends and loved ones on their Echo devices from your Alexa show. It allows you to make video calls, voice calls.
  • You can also send the text messages to your friends from your Amazon Show.
  • It can control almost all smart home devices and manage their functions.
  • You can book uber cabs, order food, get the answers to your queries, etc.

A big smart display ( screen ) on the Alexa show gives it an upper hand upon other Amazon Echo devices. This screen guides you a lot when you Setup & use your Amazon Alexa Show. Amazon has provided thousands of Alexa skills to the Amazon show users.

Users can simply add these Alexa skills by going to the skills store of the Alexa app. But before doing that, They will need to download the Alexa app on their smartphone.

Alexa Show Privacy problems?

Echo Show 5 SetupMost of the people do not feel comfortable after knowing that their Echo Alexa show records their audio. That is why It has become a privacy concern for them.

In that case, We can press the mute button of our Amazon show for a few seconds Until it displays us a red LED light indication. Similarly, you can also stop the Amazon show 5 from recording your voices and sending it to the cloud server.

Amazon workers themselves Analyze your voice recordings. If you don’t want your voice recordings to reach to them. Then, You can solve this issue by going to the settings menu of your Amazon show device and tap on the Alexa Privacy option and then select the Manage Your Alexa Data option, and there you can remove your voice recordings from the Privacy settings of your Alexa show 5. This option also allows us to make many other settings related changes to your privacy and security.

Echo show Reset

You can Reset the Echo show settings to the factory defaults very easily with the help of its screen.

  • Just swipe down on your Alexa Show screen & tap on the ” Settings” option.
  • Simply, Tap on the “Device options” under the list of settings.
  • Now scroll down a bit, tap & select “Reset to factory defaults” option.
  • On the next screen, Press down the ” Reset” button.
  • Now, your Amazon Alexa show 5 will turn off and restart.

Echo show setup mode

  1. Connect your Echo show to the power by plugging-in its adaptor to the power switch.
  2. Follow & Imitate the prompts your Alexa show displays you to complete.

How To use Amazon Echo show

  • Keep the camera and mic button of your Amazon Echo show pressed for turning it off and on.
  • Now, You can say its wake word ” Alexa” & alert it for listening to your voice instructions.
  • Modify the settings of your echo show by just swiping down the Alexa show screen and accessing its settings.
  • Download the Alexa App for your echo show on your mobile phone to add various kinds of skills and smart devices to it and connect them with your Alexa App.

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