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Connect Alexa to wifi

Follow the instruction in order to complete that how to connect alexa to wifi in  easy way. Here are the Steps to Follow:-

  • Step(1):Plug your speaker into a power source to Connect Alexa to WiFi and then search to access to wifi network which will stored in a memory.connect alexa to wifi
  •  Step(2): Install alexa app on your desktop laptop or tablet  Alexa app access your devices and settings  in which alexa Home screen shows  as picture.connect alexa to wifi
  • step(3);-Tap the Settings menu which is shown in a blue coloured which is located in the black background menu on left screen bar In which Settings screen appears as picture text.

connect alexa to wifi

  • step(4);  Tap to  setup a new device button which will be shown in the blue straight arrow which is appeard on the  screen.

connect alexa to wifi


  • step(5);Choose the preffered language for the New Alexa Speaker List of available language options will then appear  with the current language choices.

connect alexa to wifi

  • step(6); Tap to connect  wifi button then wait for orange light blinks and displayed on screen. Wait for a minute or so for your Alexa speaker light ring to glow in a  orange yellow light  pattern.

connect alexa to wifi

  • step(7);Click continue button screen stays up until you connect your device to connect alexa wifi  speaker creates this network for setup.

connect alexa to wifi

  • step(8);Now Go to your pc or tablets setting page and press home screen button on your device after word you will find the Settings  app on the second home page.connect alexa to wifi
  • step(9); Go to your wifi settings scan in range wifi network by your pc Amazon-E9W will be  your wireless network.This WiFi SSID comes from our Echo Dot speaker in setup mode.  The speaker is in setup when light ring glows orange.

connect alexa wifi


  • step(10);Now go back to alexa app home and the  following screen then appears  It shows the tablet now connected to your Alexa speaker.connect alexa to wifi
  • step(11);Press continue button In which Alexa device is scan by your speaker  for available WiFi networks The screen shows a list of the  wireless networks found by your smart speaker.


Connect Alexa to wifi

  • step(12); After selecting your wireless network as we choose 37T681J4059H_2G_as a Guest network.You need to enter the wifi password to connecting to Alexa.

connect Alexa to wifi

  • step(13);Press continue This takes your setup is compelete as shown in screen which takes back to at  Alexa App Home screen.

connect alexa to wifi

  • step(14);Test your Alexa speaker Just say Alexa what’s the weather outside she responds with correct answers then the speaker is ready for use you can also change your speaker preffered wifi network.


  • One of the first things you should do when your Echo is check there are No problems with your WiFi.
  • Anything from the router breaking sometime we accidentally pulling out one of the important cables could easily cause problems while connecting Alexa to your
  • If you suspect a problem with your WiFi then you may have to check the router itself.
  • To do this you can simply connect Alexa another device such as a smartphone or a laptop to your router and see if it has any WiFi connection problem.
  • If it does,then there are a few quick fixes you can try to fix the routercheck all the correct cables are plugged in
  • Looking at the flashing lights on the router can often tell you where the problem is on the network.
  • If everything is as it should be  try turning the router on and off again to reboot it.

Alexa dual band wifi setup

Alexa connects the dual band WiFi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) network which uses the 802.11A / B / G / N standard. Alexa does not connect to a peer to peer network.In the Alexa app open the left navigation panel and then select the Settings. Use your Alexa device and then use the updated WiFi. If you are adding a new device to your account use the addition of a new device set up On your Alexa device press and hold the action button until the lights are turned into orange. Then your mobile device will connect to your Alexa device. A list of WiFi networks in the Alexa app appears. Select Connect. After your device connects to your WiFi network a confirmation message appears in the app. You’re now ready to use Alexa. For the Alexa device with the screen: If your device has orange color, your device’s WiFi connection is not working as expected.  You can go to Settings and select WiFi after connecting to which WiFi network you are connected to If necessary  make sure you know your network password. If you see the lock icon  then the network password is required. your Amazon Alexa account password.connect alexa to wifi

Here are some use full information You might wanna read;

How to connect Alexa  to WiFi setup

  • Select the Alexa device that you want to connect Echo to WiFi and then select Update WiFi option. In case you are Adding a new device click on the Select a new device option.
  • By connecting the device press the Action button and keep on holding it until the light ring turns to orange.connect alexa to wifi
  •  Once the pairing  is done  your mobile or other  device will Get connected to the Echo and a list of all the WiFi networks shall appear in the application.
  • Afterword Go  to the networks and choose the WiFi network  Once it  done enter the password to connect to WiFi.
  •  If the Alexa WiFi setup problem you can re scan the WiFi network or add the network manually.

Sometimes for reasons unknown  things just stop working. If it seems like your network is working fine and there is no reason for added setting there may quite simply be a problem with the Echo itself.  As with router problems the first thing to do in this situation is simply to reboot the Echo itself.  This can be done very easily by pushing the devices  reset button  until the Echo light turns orange and then off and on Again. connect Alexa to wifi Once you have finished the reboot you will have to try to reconnect your Echo to your network all over again. If the problem is fixed then your Echo should connect without any trouble.
If none of the issues above fix the problem and you have ruled out a problem with your network, you may have to Get in touch with Amazon about getting a replacement product.

For more detail visit official website; connect alexa to wifi


Alexa Echo is a smart speakers developed by The devices connect to the voice controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa which responds to the name Alexa device is capable of voice interaction music playback making to do lists setting alarms streaming podcasts playing Audiobooks and providing weather and other real time information It can also control several smart devices acting as a home Automation hub.
The Echo Dot also has the same light ring found on the Echo which indicates when Alexa is listening to you through its seven microphone or whether the speaker is muted watching a movie Echo Dot maintains the Echo capability to recognize your voice while giving you the option of improving upon the quality sound providing You can also  connect to Bluetooth connect your Echo Dot to an external speaker additional external speaker which  instance you can simply instruct Alexa to Connect and  automatically pair with the most recently connected Bluetooth device.  handy Alexa Echo dots it as your default music service over the standard Alexa Amazon Prime Music It would have been nice to have a option when using line out  or alternatively be able to choose a type of speaker output with a voice command

Here are some Steps to complete the echo dot  setup;

  • Plug in your Echo device  to the outlet with the included USB cable and AC adapter.
  •  Power on your device by pressing and holding the action button for a few seconds.
  • Once the ring light turns orange you will be able to pair your Echo to a WiFi network by Appearing the on screen .
  • You can connect your Echo Dot to speakers either plug them in directly with the cables or use via Bluetooth pairing once your speaker is in pairing mode .
  • Go to Settings  Bluetooth and then Pair a new device  in the Alexa app.
  • Tap your speaker from the list of Bluetooth devices and press continue.
  • Now  Alexa will now be able to take your queries by listening to music setting alarms providing weather and other real time Daily  information.